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Creating, managing and assembling Documentary Units

BABEL is a documentary workshop used to manage, produce and assemble Documentary Units (DU) according to current civilian and military aeronautical standards.

It is especially designed for companies that have a considerable flow of documents to be handled, whatever their field of activity.



BABEL is composed of two modules:

A "Management" Module which manages DUs according to a hardware and/or functional architecture that can be inherited from a BASL 1388-2B, a definition dossier or specifically created,

A "Publication" Module which is used to assemble the DUs to form a document.



Management of Documentary Units

Tree-structured management of documentary units from a "hardware" or "functional" viewpoint,

Multilingual and multi-format management,

Automatic management of issue indexes for Documentary Unit updating,

Physical management of files and their status.

Publication of Documentary Units

Tree-structured assembly of Documentary Units,

Parameterisation of management data.


Server: Windows NT/2000/XP, SGBD WINDEV, Oracle
Client: Windows NT/2000/XP

Studec reserves the right at all times, and without prior notification, to modify the characteristics set out for these products and services or to discontinue their commercialisation.

Our Sales Department can provide you with all the information you may require about BABEL, our tool for managing, producing and assembling Documentary Units.

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