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Engineering services

Our documentary engineering offer is based on fully controlled methods and standards, guaranteeing efficient and competitive documentary production.

Our teams can design the documentation that corresponds to your needs, whether it be structured and/or modular, or they can convert an existing, unstructured repository.

To meet your needs, Studec designs documents whose content and form allow users to:

install, deploy and implement,
analyse and use,
maintain and service,

equipment or systems in all fields
of industry and defence.

Studec's experience and size, the competence of our teams and our R&D guarantee the success of the documentary projects you subcontract to us.

Our success is based on:

1. Tried and tested methodology at each step, to:

identify and analyse needs,

design documentary structure,

analyse and integrate existing elements,

author documents in accordance with standards or particular specifications,

produce documents for all types of media (paper, CD/DVD, Internet, PDA, etc.).

2. A controlled standards-related environment

Normes ATA 2000, iSpec2200, ASD S1000 D, ATA 2000, iSpec2200, ASD S1000 D, ASD S2000 M, MAT 10 000 standards, etc., we can also specify for you the standard that corresponds to your needs.

3. Technological expertise

Our teams are skilled in the use of XML structured publication tools to create the contents of your documentation.

Studec develops powerful tools for managing, publishing and using information:


Generation and viewing of AECMA 1000D electronic publications


Generation and viewing of electronic publications


Creation, management and assembly of Documentary Units

4. Experience in even the most complex systems

Studec produces documentation for civilian and military aircraft, helicopters, missiles, submarines, frigates, aircraft carriers, ocean liners, locomotives, electronic or mechanical equipment and software...

Our Sales Department can provide you with all the information you may require about our Documentary Engineering services.

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