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Generating and Viewing AECMA 1000D Publications

WEB SGML allows you to generate and view your SGML publications using a simple Internet browser.


WEB SGML is designed for equipment, aircraft and helicopter manufacturers, who for civilian or military programmes need to generate, view and check their electronic publication in compliance with the AECMA 1000D specification and the Rafale CTG (generic technical clauses) and derivative.

WEB SGML uses XML format and an XSLT transformation to provide optimum rendering of your documents.

WEB SGML can be used to display CGM, TIFF and JPEG files.




Creation of powerful search indexes

Use of browsability included in the SGML data of the original document

Validation of links between documents

Hotspot retrieval

Assistance in documentation deployment

SGML conversion to XML/HTML


Windows 2000/NT/XP
Internet Explorer 6 and higher

Studec reserves the right at all time, and without prior notification, to modify the characteristics set out for these products and services or to discontinue their commercialisation.

Our Sales Department can provide you with all the information you may require about WEB SGML, our tool for generating and viewing AECMA 1000D publications.

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