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Our strengths and values

Reactivity and flexibility are essential in the service industry to adapt to customer needs and technological changes that vary from one customer to another.

300 engineers and technicians

Our Engineers and technicians, well trained, combined with 300 European engineers and technicians, make the force necessary for meet the needs of national and international projects.

Customer Focus

Customers are the center of CSTI focus. We set the highest standards for quality, performance, reliability, and service.


CSTI has effective system of recruitment and hire qualified candidates into our organization and then empowers them to make measurable impacts on our company's performance. Our corporate culture also believes in identifying key employees and providing to them pathways for advancement through the use of succession planning.

At CSTI, Quality is the responsibility of every employee. Every employee must be involved, motivated, and knowledgeable for us to be successful.

Process Approach

CSTI is committed to managing our business as process. With this knowledge, we can focus on each step and its interaction with those downstream of it, in other words utilize the PDCA model. Taking this process approach enables us to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that there is seamless execution of all activities.

Involvement of People

Each person contributes

to the continuous improvement of our performances in all technical, commercial, managerial and behavioural fields.

Each person is

a potential source of proposals with respect to his/her internal hierarchy or customers.

Each person makes sure

that CSTI's reputation remains that of a competent, honourable company which respects its employees, its customers and its suppliers.

Each person contributes

whatever his/her level, to CSTI's competitiveness, this being the guarantee of the company's perpetuity.

Continual Improvement

In order for any company to succeed in today's competitive marketplace, they must continue to look for areas of improvement. Through comprehensive audits (internal, external, customer, and supplier) we continually strive to identify areas for the improvement to be needed. Our data base management system has proven to be an effective tool in driving continuous improvement throughout all areas of CSTI.
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