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Distribution of open e-learning training (FOAD) or internal training courses within your company using a simple WEB browser and a single LMS platform



Modular architecture operating in WINDOWS or LINUX. @CERES can be adapted to the size of the company and its sector of activity.

@CERES offers companies the possibilities of having full control of their on-line training system.

@CERES is based on compatibility with the SCORM 2004 standard and a POWERPOINT-based system for producing content.

@CERES is organised on the basis of a parameterable and logic tree structure. This offers the possibility of defining the training system and is fully integrated in the company's global information system.


The @CERES LMS offers a simple, secure and user-friendly means of:

   and controlling,


all the input or output data of the company's on-line training process.


With @CERES you can:

organise the teaching content and implement knowledge acquisition rules (prerequisites, duration, authorised groups, links between training, links with electronic documentation, etc.),

define the operation of virtual classes (in synchronous or asynchronous mode),

follow up the course and analyse the results (exercises, surveys, quizzes, multiple choice questions, etc.),

parameterise the different types of reporting,

manage accesses per type of profile (administrator, instructors/tutor, groups, students, auditors, etc.).

Asynchronous functions (message-handling, planning of training courses, forums, etc.) and synchronous functions (CHAT, video-conference, whiteboard, remote takeover) can be accessed via the LMS thanks to the installation of collaborative tools..

Our Sales Department can provide you with all the information you may require about our @CERES Learning Management System (LMS) platform.

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